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The greater Bazaruto Archipelago is a world renowned paradise, both below and above water. Catsonova is the perfect base boat to enjoy it.  We offer a wide range of land and water based activities for young and old.


The islands amongst Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago are surrounded by well kept natural reefs, holding an abundance of different species of fish to be targeted by anglers.

The boat comes equipped with a significant range of tackle allowing us to cover most styles of fishing. We always have a spread of lures out the back whilst on the move.

Catsonova’s main advantage is that she can be used as an overnight base boat, allowing anglers to wake up much closer to fishing grounds, eliminating trips from the mainland and allowing us to fish the prime times of the day such as sunrise, and overall, more hours in your day to land that catch of a lifetime.

We offer trawling, light tackle spinning, heavy spinning and live bait fishing.

Ski boats to access further reefs through larger seas may be hired at an additional cost upon request. Please liase with Dean directly.

Island Hopping and Castaway Picnics

The Archipelago’s islands and sandbanks are idillic, waiting to be explored on foot, snorkel or simply enjoy a private castaway picnic.  Our tender boat can transfer guests to and from Catsonova to a destination that best suits your interest or occasion.

Enquire about our various secret spots here.

Snorkelling and Diving

Catsonova has on board snorkelling equipment for 8 people and for the underwater enthusiasts seeking deeper waters, certified dive operator pic-ups from the yacht can also be arranged.

Kite surfing safaris for experienced kite surfers 

More info coming soon.

Whale Watching/Ocean Safari

An array of marine life exists around the Bazaruto Archipelago. One must put themselves forward to witness the splendor of this place. The Humpback whales breach and twirl. The Dolphins jump and dance while the Manta rays glide peacefully over the shallow reef. Whale sharks, Sharks and Turtles can be seen, as well as the infamous, rare Dugong. The birdlife out at sea can be outstanding especially when witnessed above a bait ball with tuna exploding erratically.

We cover the beaches, the shallows and the depths of the ocean showcasing all that the Indian ocean has to offer either on day excursions or on overnight charters to get the full experience.